SR: Tekla betrayed
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Not made by me, but I have permission from the icon-maker to pimp. My friend chicafrom3 made no less than 81 excellent Sliders icons, in answer to my request for some in my LJ wishlist. :D

Mostly original cast oriented, but there are some good Maggie ones for those that want them. :)

Here they be.
SR: Tekla betrayed

Sliders fanvid

*poke* *poke* Is anyone still awake here?

There really aren't many fanvids for the series, I've noticed... So I er, made one. *coughs*

A little tribute to Old School Sliders (first two seasons) done to a edited down version of Styx's "Come Sail Away".

Download here or here. (Length 3:46 and size is 25 megs) I'm on LJ a hell of a lot, so if the link expires pop a comment and I promise I'll reupload it. I have a paid account, so I'm not exacly going to disappear anytime soon.

EDIT: I have now uploaded it to YouTube, for easier access.

EDIT teh second: Vid went through minor tweaks, replaced the old YSI download links with SendSpace and Megaupload ones. If you downloaded the YSI one, you might want to re-download as the vid went through some small changes. Nothing major, mainly just re-did the ending credits.
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