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Sliders: Episodes from 1x03 to 1x06 (26)

1x03 Fever
1x04 Last Days
1x05 Prince Of Wails
1x06 Summer Of Love

Comments are lovely.
Please, credit some_cramping or heliotitans if taking, this way more people can find all these graphics :)
Be kind and don't modify these graphics, don't hotlink them and don't claim them as yours. Thanks.



25 Sliders Icons

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These are somewhat old, but I should be making some brand new sliders icons soon!
Thanks to dragonlady981 and their screencaps.
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Hope it's okay to post this here!

Because there simply aren't enough Sliders icons in the world, I made a few of my own. :) Mostly Wade this time, with a touch of Quinn and the Professor.


( Follow the fake lj-cut to the rest. )


Not made by me, but I have permission from the icon-maker to pimp. My friend chicafrom3 made no less than 81 excellent Sliders icons, in answer to my request for some in my LJ wishlist. :D

Mostly original cast oriented, but there are some good Maggie ones for those that want them. :)

Here they be.

Binraad showing some new tech

Sliders Binhead styles... we live old school sliders!

Personal tribute.... yes that is burgers on feet on oil covered celophane!

Next plan is a razor blade smiling arse... right across our arses/your face!

So gere it is...


"Sliders" Arturo + Mallory sliding

Raw Burgers taped to feet SLIDE on clingfilm and oil coated sliding pallet

"Ohh... I do love a bit of Sliders!"
Grandma Atreides Circe 10991 AG

Sliders fanvid

*poke* *poke* Is anyone still awake here?

There really aren't many fanvids for the series, I've noticed... So I er, made one. *coughs*

A little tribute to Old School Sliders (first two seasons) done to a edited down version of Styx's "Come Sail Away".

Download here or here. (Length 3:46 and size is 25 megs) I'm on LJ a hell of a lot, so if the link expires pop a comment and I promise I'll reupload it. I have a paid account, so I'm not exacly going to disappear anytime soon.

EDIT: I have now uploaded it to YouTube, for easier access.

EDIT teh second: Vid went through minor tweaks, replaced the old YSI download links with SendSpace and Megaupload ones. If you downloaded the YSI one, you might want to re-download as the vid went through some small changes. Nothing major, mainly just re-did the ending credits.
What if you found a portal to a parallel universe? What if you could slide into a thousand different worlds? Where it's the same year, and you're the same person, but everything else is different? And what if you can't find your way home?


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